«Food for Thought» logo election

Share your pictures!

We are sure you are an artist of the photography. Along your stay in Seville, probably you will make valuable pictures related to the activities of our Erasmus+ program. In the other hand, you should be interested in the pictures taken by another participants.

If you want to share your pictures or videos with other participants, please send us using the following email account:


We will publish all the images in our web page available for downloading.

If you want to share heavy videos or a lot of pictures, upload them to a virtual drive (Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox…), change their permissions to allow that any one with the link can view them and send the link to our email account. We will upload your files to our Google Drive.

Thanks for your collaboration.

Access to the ballot form

For the election of our logo you have to fill a Google form using a computer, a tablet or your smartphone.

To access this form, you can simply clic on the image or follow this link:

Form for the ballot

Alternatively, you can scan this QR code to access the form: